The Art of Wendy Andrews

Beautiful Goddess artwork from Wendy Andrews, who has created the Wheel of the Year original for Glastonbury Goddess Temple
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Bringing the Imbolc Fire  Wendy Andrew

Bringing the Imbolc Fire - Fantasy Art - Painting Dreams by Wendy Andrew

Fire Goddess Card

Goddess Banner Fire Goddess by Wendy Andrew at Temple Gifts

Lover Rhiannon card

Wendy Andrew Archives - Page 2 of 4 - Goddess Temple Gifts

Crone Goddess Card

Goddess Banner Crone Goddess by Wendy Andrew Goddess Temple Gifts

Wheel of the Year by Wendy Andrew

Images of Myth & Enchantment, by Wendy Andrew - Arthurian Legend & Fantasy Art

Crone Ceridwen card

Risultati immagini per Wendy Andrew