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Sphere Vase Square Hexa by 101 Copenhagen | Do Shop

Sphere Vase Square Hexa

Product The Sphere Vase Square Hexa is a minimalist and sculptural ceramic vase designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for 101 Copenhagen. It is part of a series of vases and trays which comes in a wide range of shapes and colours, a celebration of form and textures. The Sphere is entirely hand glazed, therefore its colour may vary slightly, which makes each one completely unique. The Sphere is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, for example in living rooms…

Suns Decorative Panel by LZF | Do Shop

Suns Decorative Panel

Product Suns is a celestial-like decorative panel that acts to diffuse light and break sound. Designed by Tokyo & Valencia-based Mikiya Kobayashi for LZF, Suns is available in three sizes. Japan is affectionately known as the ‘land of the rising sun’, and in Suns we find a handmade, circular wood panel that is characterised by a quiet and respectful beauty—an inherent Japanese quality. Without light or electrification, the Suns panel is made up of wood veneer and a metal canopy. Designed to…

Altay Pedestal Table by Coedtion | Do Shop Bureau Design, Salon Design, Patricia Urquiola, Muuto, Pedestal, Accent Chairs, Bookcase, Sweet Home, Shelves

Altay Pedestal Table

Product The Altay pedestal table is a practical and stylish occasional table designed by Patricia Urquiola for Coedition. The chunky wood frame and tripod design gives it a sense of rustic solidity, whilst the "handle" formed by one of the legs of the table protruding above the table top provides a touch of contemporary playfulness. The Altay pedestal table works well in living rooms and in reception areas. Variants The table is available in two different leg finishes and 3 different table…

Maya Desk by Dare Studio | Do Shop Maya, Desk, Studio, Shopping, Furniture, Desktop, Writing Desk, Studios, Home Furniture

Maya Desk

Product The Maya Desk is a sleek, contemporary desk designed by James Melia for Dare Studio. The design features chunky, rounded legs and edges, which give it a friendly yet reassuringly solid feel. The top of the desk is in luxurious Corian or leather, the former can even be specified with an inbuilt bowl for storing desk items. This beautifully crafted desk is perfect for both contemporary and classic interiors, whether for use at home or in public spaces such as hotel rooms. Variants…

Green Sand Dip Plant Pot by Grace & Thorn | Do Shop Plastic Pots, Dried Flowers, Potted Plants, Houseplants, Packaging Design, Dips, Make It Yourself, Natural, Green

Green Sand Dip Plant Pot

Green Sand Dip Plant Pot by Grace & Thorn | Do Shop

Slope Bed - Laminated Plywood by Müller Möbelwerkstätten | Do Shop Plywood Edge, Superking Bed, Bedtime Reading, Low Shelves, High Quality Furniture, Furniture Companies, Double Beds, King Beds, Strip Lighting

Slope Bed - Laminated Plywood

The Slope Bed - Laminated Plywood, is a sleek and practical bed designed by Leonhard Pfeifer for Mueller (or Müller) Möbelwerkstätten. The design features recessed supports at the foot of the bed, which gives it a floating appearance. It is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. The Slope bed offers plenty of storage space in its headboard: both the upper and lower shelves provide ample display space and there is also a concealed compartment within the headboard accessed…

Afteroom Dining Chair Plus - Wood Base by Menu | Do Shop Upholstery Foam, Occasional Chairs, Danish Design, Chair Design, Dining Chairs, Stool, Menu, Base, Interior Design

Afteroom Dining Chair Plus - Wood Base

Product The Afteroom Dining Chair Plus - Wood Base is an elegantly sculptural dining chair designed by Afteroom for Menu. The clean, crisp lines of this dining chair is emphasised by its minimalist backrest extending from base of the chair on a slender stem. The Afteroom Dining Chair Plus - Wood Base has a slightly larger backrest than the normal version, offering superb comfort. The Afteroom Dining Chair Plus - Wood Base works well in both domestic and commercial spaces. Variants The seat…

String of Hearts Plant by Grace & Thorn | Do Shop Light Shades, Shades Of Green, High Humidity, Free Advice, Low Lights, Dried Flowers, Houseplants, Color Change, Packaging Design

String of Hearts Plant

This product is available for UK Delivery only. Product Ceropegia woodii aka String of Hearts, the leaves look like hearts. They’ve even got a lacy pattern on them. Naughty. This succulent will change colour depending on its environment. In low light its leaves turn a lighter shade of green but in full sun you will find it goes a richer seaweed green. Sculptural, decorative vines: trail them from a bathroom shelf and marvel at their cascading prowess. Please note that these photos will…

Pillar Coffee Table by 101 Copenhagen | Do Shop Scandinavian Living, Hotel Suites, Reception Areas, Danish Design, Timeless Design, Geometric Shapes, Your Space, Copenhagen, Branding Design

Pillar Coffee Table

Product The Pillar Coffee Table is a sleek and sculptural occasional table created by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl for 101 Copenhagen. The Pillar is entirely crafted in metal: the rich, luxurious finish and the striking geometric shape adding an aura of sophistication. The Pillar Coffee Table is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, for example in living rooms, bedrooms, reception areas, hotel suites, restaurants and bars. Variants The Pillar Coffee Table is available…

Ocean Chair by Mater | Do Shop Small Room Bedroom, Small Rooms, Bedroom Ideas, Design Awards, Design Trends, Un Sustainable Development Goals, Wallpaper Magazine, Sustainable Design, Danish Design

Ocean Chair

Product Ocean Chair, winner of the Design Award from Wallpaper* magazine, is a stylish and eco-friendly chair originally designed by Joergen & Nanna Ditzel in 1955. The chair has been re-imagined by Mater specifically to reduce ocean plastic waste. Disused fishing nets (which would have otherwise been abandoned at sea) are recycled by a specialist workshop in Denmark into plastic pellets, which are then used as a raw material for the injection-moulded slats which make up the seat and…

You're Not Alone Dried Flowers & Vase by Grace & Thorn | Do Shop Youre Not Alone, Free Advice, Ceramic Vase, Flower Vases, Dried Flowers, Houseplants, Packaging Design, Natural, Shop

You're Not Alone Dried Flowers & Vase

This product is available for UK Delivery only. Product You're Not Alone from Grace & Thorn is a selection of ever lasting dried flowers beautifully arranged in a ceramic vase glazed in a variety of colours. Each piece is carefully curated by their talented florists, what you receive will be a welcome surprise. Please note there is no colour palette option choice on this product. Trust us, they've got this. Brand Grace & Thorn is a rule breaking florist renowned for their off-beat approach…

Accent Side Table - Sirka Grey Oak by Mater | Do Shop Round Dining Table, Dining Chairs, Chair Design, Furniture Design, Lounge Design, Table Cafe, Shell, Grey Oak, Scandinavian Design

Accent Side Table - Sirka Grey Oak

Product The Accent Side Table is an elegant and versatile occasional table created by Space Copenhagen for Mater. The smooth, organic design combines sculptural qualities with traditional craftsmanship, resulting in a table which is stylish, versatile and timeless. The Accent Side Table looks great on its own or in a group in different sizes. The table works well in both residential and public spaces, from living rooms and bedrooms to reception areas and hotel lobbies. Variants This version…

Mathilda Chair by Moroso | Do Shop Cafe Furniture, Aging Wood, Polyurethane Foam, Occasional Chairs, Chair Design, Bar Stools, Solid Wood, Scandinavian, Upholstery

Mathilda Chair

Product The Mathilda chair, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, is a chair in a classic shape with very modern details. Two solid wood trestles hold the seat, support the backrest and also make the chair stackable. The fluid shaped backrest and seat are padded for comfort and are upholstered with fabrics carefully selected to accentuate the contemporary look of the chair. Finally, the contrast colour bands which fix the backrest to the structure add an element of interest and bring the…

Crawford Dining Chair W by Stellar Works | Do Shop Stellar Works, Design Movements, Types Of Wood, European Fashion, Chair Design, Contemporary Design, Branding Design, Dining Chairs, This Or That Questions

Crawford Dining Chair W

Product The Crawford Dining Chair W is a comfortable and versatile chair designed by Tom Fereday for Stellar Works. Following Stellar Works’ ethos, the Crawford was developed by following the principles of simple and elegant design which celebrate Asian sensibilities, whilst reinterpreting them in order to reach a broader international audience. The Crawford therefore represents a fusion of cultures which celebrates the growing design movement in the Asia Pacific region, as championed by…

Okito Chair by Zeitraum | Do Shop Solid Wood Furniture, Furniture Design, American Walnut, Communication Design, Sustainable Design, Solid Oak, Steel Frame, Minimalist Design, Contemporary Design

Okito Chair

Product The Okito Chair, designed by Läufer + Keichel for Zeitraum, is a compact and lightweight chair with a distinctly minimalist profile. The black tubular metal frame of the stool contrasts beautifully with the ergonomically-shaped wooden seat and backrest as well as reinforcing a sense of lightness. The metal frame of the backrest also offers a degree of flexibility as the sitter leans back, which adds to the level of comfort. The Okito chair is an elegant and versatile chair which…