Recycled T-Shirt Dishclothes

collection of things you can do with old t-shirts, from dish rags to scarves to headbands to wreaths to rugs. People get rid of t-shirts all the time, and they're constantly given away. These are some great ideas. Old t-shirts can be fun to dye too!

The Linen Stitch

Pinner says: Missoni-esque scarf. Looks like linen stitch using multiple colors of variegated yarns - one color per row. Liked that the knitter knit into the back of the loop of the first and last stitches to tighten them.

Lizard Ridge by Peargirl

peargirl's Waves of Ocean, Mountains, and Stream

The perfect olive yarn

I know what happened to the olive - Merino/Silk superwash yarn fingering weight