The Smiths Song Lyrics as Classic Penguin Paperback Book Covers by Chris Thomley

The Smiths Song Lyrics as Classic Penguin Paperback Book Covers

Three great posters of Smiths songs in the style of Penguin Books by Hunting Bears. huntingbears — Home.

Graham Greene: Brighton Rock, designed by Dale Murray

BRIGHTEN ROCK :: Designed by Dale Murray :: Categories: YA (Literature & Fiction, Classics); Literature & Fiction (Literary, Classics) :: See also: Literary Fiction Book Covers, Classics Book Covers

Some of Penguin's best new illustrated covers and a chat with their creator

Cat's Cradle (Penguin Essentials) by Vonnegut, Kurt Re-issue Edition

Penguin cover designed by john Griffiths.    Unlike my other favorites here, I haven't actually read this, but the Hansen (now Clarke) Planetarium in Salt Lake City made a star show version of the story. It make a deep impression on me as a kid.

Penguin book covers, illustrated by John Griffiths – in pictures

John Griffiths book cover for Fred Hoyle’s The Black Cloud, I saw in The Guardian that Penguin book illustrator John Griffiths had died and it seemed appropriate to share one of his striking covers.

the unattached - mary morse [pelican original]

The Unattached, 1966 Mary Morse 'A Pelican Original, exploring the social issues thrown up by the permissive society and the creation of the National Association of Youth Clubs in (Cover designed by Martin Bassett, photographs by Roger Maybe)

Penguin covers: The Great Escape by Paul Brickhill, 1957.

Penguin book covers through the years – in pictures

1957 Abram Games Penguin book cover for The Great Escape by Paul Brickhill.

David Pearson Design

Great Ideas Volume II - Penguin Books - 181 mm x 111 mm - 2005 - Artwork by Phil Baines, Catherine Dixon, Alistair Hall, David Pearson