How to transfer an image and create a rubber stamp.

Fabriquer un tampon encreur / How To Make a DIY Carved Rubber Stamp - Dear Handmade LIfe

DIY Tag-Shaped Stamps Two Ways.

INSPIRATION - can think of many ways to use this - mail art + more! Great idea for using a tag stamp on an envelope. [DIY Tag-Shaped Stamps Two Ways]

Tutorial DIY - how to make your own foam stamps.

There are so many wonderful things to do with homemade stamps. Use them to decorate Christmas cards, gift tags, or a pretty scene on paper for your child to decorate with crayons. Handmade stamps h.

How to trace a design onto an eraser and carve it to make a rubber stamp. Great tutorial!

Here's a little tutorial on how to make your own rubber stamps. I like to use a stamp carving block as this allows you more freedom with the size. It can also be nice to affix your stamp to a woodblock to make stamping easier.

DIY: How to make a stamp using an outlined image & foam.

a DIY stamp

DIY Anchor Stamp using foam board and an outlined image