Hugh Turvey - x-ray art

The x-ray photography of Hugh Turvey – in pictures

A foot in a high stiletto. Can you see the tiny nails used to make the shoe? X-ray artist Hugh Turvey, who captured this image a few years ago, thinks the shoe looks like a torture device, what do you think?

Huw Locke Medusa

Huw Locke 'Medusa' Locke is a Guyana born, London based artist who works with everyday materials

Jon Bentley - check out the fine art - esp. Peter & Jane stuff

Jon Bentley - check out the fine art - esp.


"Hare with Crooked Whiskers" - by Dawn Maciocia ~ Collage

Richard Hamilton - Portrait of Hugh Gaskell Famous Monster of FilmLand

Richard Hamilton: Portrait of Hugh Gaitskill as a Famous Monster of Filmland, 1964

X-Ray artist

X-Ray artist

Michael Andres Study of a Group of Figures no 6

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