At least 1,500 years old, a 300-foot titan in California's Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has the most complex crown scientists have mapped. This photo, taken by Michael Nichols, is a mosaic composed of 84 images.

~ The Majestic Redwood ~ Prairie Creek Redwood State Park, California. This amazing 300 foot tall, 1500 year old redwood was shot by Nick Nichols for National Geographic. He used a 3 camera, robotic dolly on a gyroscope to create this 83 photo composite.

Ansel Adams "Unknown"  I love the way he captures the light that hits the tree.

1950 Sequoia Roots, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park, California [vertical - wood roots in soft light] by Ansel Adams

Karl Blossfeldt, photographer. 1932.

Karl Blossfeldt Cajophora lateritia Loasaceae 1932 110 129 EXHIBITION: Karl Blossfeldt at The Whitechapel Gallery

Samuji SS11 by Juliana Harkki

The thing that i love the most about this under the water graceful image is, the contrast between the light blonde hair and the harsh black gothic clothing. It works really well as she looks so eligant floating in the water.

Botanical art

Unique botanical art, pressed leaf sculpture - Leaf carving is a carving artwork on a natural leaf. The process of carving is performed by artists using tools to carefully remove the surface without cutting or removing the veins.

Taming a titan: Photographer Michael Nichols spent two weeks capturing breathtaking images of the majestic tree

Titans of the trees: Stunning photographs of 3,200-year-old giant sequoias as high as 20-story buildings on Sierra Nevada slopes

Giant Sequoia - A Snow Tree, adapted for long winters in the Sierra but the thick back protects it from burning also.