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Zombie survival vehicles design (via Donal O’Keeffe)

"Zombie survival vehicles design (via Donal O’Keeffe)".I fucking hate zombies. And I just had a terrible dream about zombie apocalypse. Think the van would suit me and Neko.

This will take a lot of work, but its pretty epic.

Stargate Cake by Leslie Coonrod I've seen a lot of Stargate cakes, but this is far and away the best.

Oh YES!!!!!!! That's the way to go, Teal'c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you say no to the scary buff guy with a snake on his head?

Star Trek inspired USS Enterprise fan mug kirk picard spock funny

Star Trek Attack Wing Federation Fleet Comparison

Starships had to be BIG to accommodate all those Starfleet officers. Compare the sizes of Starfleet's ships, from tiny attack fighters to the gargantuan Galaxy-class starship.