Peter Zumthor. Thermal baths at Vals.

Nothing but water, light and stone

| SPA | #ThermeValsSpa by #PeterZumthor _ © #HélèneBinet.  Luxury is all in the details. If you have yet to visit, this place is heaven to the senses. The works of this icon and the attention to detail is exceeds lovers of design and those who appreciate great interiors, every moment in this place is a moment to be grateful for.

roomonfiredesign: Therme Vals, Switzerland, architect Peter Zumthor, photographed in 2006 by Hélène Binet.


Zaha Hadid / Architects / Photography / Hélène Binet - Buamai, Where Inspiration Starts.


Available for sale from ammann//gallery, Hélène Binet, Therme Vals 01 Digital c-type print, 153 × 120 cm

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