Slimming World recipes: Syn free pancakes

Makes 4 small pancakes 3 eggs 4 tbsp sweetener Fry light Any toppings you like separate 3 eggs whisk the egg whites with 2 tbs.

Slimming World chocolate Cake

Slimming Eats, based on a Delia Smith Squidgy Chocolate Cake With Quark with White Chocolate Options topping. 24 little tasting squares Total syns: syns Cake.

My Slimming World Lemon Dessert Recipe

SlimmingWorld Lemon Dessert Recipe - make sure you check out this rich and creamy lemon pudding!

Pretty and Polished: Slimming World Brownies

Pretty and Polished: Slimming World Brownies. Works out as syns in total for the whole tin (including the icing). So you would just need to cut them into however many squares you like and work out the individual portion's syn value.

Slimming world shepherds/cottage pie

Slimming world shepherds/cottage pie (served with peas and gravy) . perhaps in case a partner dislikes fish etc.

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Slimming world chocolates only 2 syns ! Will have to try with another yog though, as Muller Lite use gelatine :-(


To Substitute or Not to Substitute – the Greek Yogurt Question

Conversion chart for substituting greek yogurt for butter. ~ been trying to find a substitute for cooking with nasty who-knows-what's-in-it margarine . but butter does exactly that . Gonna have to try the greek yogurt idea.