They're probably just staring at you because you're bloody gorgeous!

Zoella quote from favourite lipsticks- one of the first videos she did. I can speak for all of her viewers when i say that we are all so proud of her! Love you Zoe!

I absolutely love your super cute outfit! And your hair is really nice too #Zoella #Zoe #Zozeebo

Had a fun photo shoot today. This outfit was my favourite! Thanks for a great day by zoella

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We get so worried about being "pretty". Let's be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, pretty strong.

*Darling, The World's Not Really Against You, The Only Thing That's Against You Is Yourself. - #Be #You #Beautiful

darling, the world's not really against you. the only thing that's against you is yourself

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WEBSTA @ zoella - The queen of balayage has worked her magic on my barnet once again. A smidge more blonde for the sunny days ☀️ Thanks so much 💗

-Zoë Sugg. My personal hero. Love her so much, and im thankful for everything she has done for me. (Heck of a lot if im honest)

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Move and Be Motivated There are times in life when you just want to be lazy, actually sometimes you don’t even realise you’re being a little bit lazy until you really think about it.

Some wear llama hats, some wear cat whiskers, and some wear One Direction tattoos they bought for a collab

Not All Heros Wear capes. Connor Franta Casper Lee Jc Caylen Jack and Jack Joe…

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