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AIRCRAFT FOR SALE – SALE OF JETS – NEW & PRE-OWNED: BOEING BUSINESS JET / BBJ - http://iccjet.com/en/12-en/aircraft-for-sale/boeing-commercial-airplanes/98-new-boeingbbj BOEING 787 – 8 DREAMLINER - http://iccjet.com/en/12-en/aircraft-for-sale/boeing-commercial-airplanes/184-boeing-787 AIRBUS A330-200 - http://iccjet.com/en/53-en/aircraft-for-sale/airbus/180-airbus-a330-200 AIRBUS A380 - http://iccjet.com/en/53-en/aircraft-for-sale/airbus/181-airbus-a380

Boeing and Airbus picture comparison. Picture is old. Ask any pilot which commercial manufacturers airplane they would fly and the answer will be Boeing