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I like this book cover because of the playful font. I also think that it has a strong type hierarchy using on the text size and placement on the page alone.

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an amazing series of work from the collaboration of designer Helen Yentus and illustrator Edel Rodriguez. I especially love the illustration for Hope and Impediments; the illustration so vividly says both things. beautifully done all the way around.

Shoso magazine No.3, Japan, 1935

Shoso magazine Japan, 1935 // I like the use of the Japanese style, the colours and the aged paper background.

Tokyo Art Book Fair with ITWST - Momoe Narazaki, William Shum

ITWST = I Think We're Still Thinking = Momoe Narazaki + William Shum = Autonomous duo working in and around the field of graphic design.

Mana Morimoto

O bordado contemporâneo de Mana Morimoto

For Tokyo-based textile artist Mana Morimoto, aka MNMRMT, thread is therapy. Her first attempt at embroidery on paper was on one of her.

It's Nice That | Berlin-based illustrator Riikka Laakso’s lino printed book…

Berlin-based illustrator Riikka Laakso’s lino printed book explores the number seven


The Hair Police member known for his airbrushed psychedelia publishes his first monograph

Things: the loveliest bits and bobs that have landed in It's Nice That's letterbox this month.

Regulars / Things Things: the loveliest bits and bobs that have landed in It’s Nice That’s letterbox this month