Vicky Grout’s portraits focus on South London streetwear and music culture.

Vicky Grout’s portraits focus on South London streetwear and music cultur

Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate 4, South Hampstead, London, Neave Brown, Camden Council’s Architects Department, 1972-1979 Photo: Simon Phipps

Visions of an Industrial Age // Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate South Hampstead, London, Neave Brown, Camden Council’s Architects Department, Photo: Simon Phipps

Brutalist Architecture -

This is a view from the Barbican Housing Estate, in London. Brutalism, was a style of architecture usin' pure concrete with a rough stone texture,

Shutdown Video Shoot 7

Skepta's Shutdown video was shot in the Barbican, known for its Brutalist architecture.

It's the most important, urgent and innovative musical culture cultivated over the UK last two decades. As the scene hits its teenage years and returns to its roots, we investigate the past, present and future of grime.

grime: the sound of young britain now

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PROMOTION I will use current and known music artist such as stormzy to promote  and be the face of my business when marketing. He is exactly who my target market would listen to and aspire to be as successful as. He also has a huge following and fan base so his promotion would reach a lot of people.

eye of the stormzy