Patrick Caulfield. I like this because of just the simple lines and colors used.

Patrick Caulfield 'Oh Helen, I roam my room' From Some Poems of Jules Laforgue 1973 Screenprint on paper

patrick caulfield

Artwork page for ‘Bathroom Mirror’, Patrick Caulfield, 1968

Patrick Caulfield - Window at Night 1969

Spectrum : Patrick Caulfield - Window at Night 1969 Excellent exhibition at Tate Britain ends September 1

Patrick Caulfield: Paradise Bar

Patrick Caulfield – black outlines, and bright, saturated colours

the colours on this image are very 50's and could help me deciding on my colour scheme

Window at Night by Patrick Caulfield SOLD Paper size: x Image size: x Signed screen print from a series of four in an edition of 72 with 15 proofs. Printed at Kelpra Studios, published by Leslie Waddington Prints.