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Detail- Steel Stud Parapet “Old Timer.”—Wood blocking and a cant anchored to the structural deck restrain membrane shrinkage at parapet. Notice the continuity of the control layers.

L House / Architects Collective detail – ArchDaily

L House / Architects Collective

The L House: Contemporary Living Experience Blended into the Surrounding Landscape by Architects Collective

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954d329cae0605f3a1d2f36d88a8c6cb.jpg (614×988)

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Dark Matter: Musée Soulages in Rodez by RCR Arquitectes

Housing+Bj%C3%B8rnveien+By+Dahle+Dahle+Breitenstein-Photographs+Nils-Petter+Dale-31.jpg (706×1000)

Completed in 2006 in Oslo, Norway. Images by Nils Petter Dale. A small-housing development, eight houses in total, make up this complex situated at the edge of Oslo's suburbs and city center.