Would love to do this with Rocky Top sheet music/lyrics and hang a power T instead of the Noel tag.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

ball with old book pages and glitter. Could be really pretty with old Christmas carol sheet music as well.wish I had not gotten rid of all my old books!

Each bauble created to represent every member of the families character or personality.

How To Make Your Own DIY Christmas Baubles

How to make your own DIY Christmas Baubles - Each bauble created could represent a member of your family - could include their favourite colour, personality, hobby, etc.

☆ Copper Christmas #Copper #Christmas-Pinterest: Hamza│₪ The Land of Joy

how to decorate your christmas tree this year

Six Sketch Star Baubles // Decorate your tree in creams and coppers this Christmas with this set of starry baubles from Cox and Cox. Made from high quality weighted glass with a hand drawn glittery print, these baubles are a fun way to jazz up your tree.

Cool idea, put white feathers and glitter inside a clear ornament. hang with ribbon

Put white feathers and glitter inside a clear ornament, hang with ribbon. Good idea for a DIY Christmas gift! (Maybe even do different color feathers & glitter in different ornaments?

Gorgeous personalised feather baubles

Silver and white Christmas tree decorations: The 2015 top 10

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