The 1930's are another one of my favorite decades for jewelry and wedding

I love antique rings, I wear one Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring: such a perfect example of glamour! This elegant ring has a ct center diamond that is accompanied by side baguettes, and the setting glitters with small round diamonds all over it.

Lucille Ball!! The costume jewelry and the elegance she portrays is something that today's celebrities are for sure lacking!

Lucille Ball in the I pinned her because she was very important with her roles as a fashion icon and a popular actress. This picture also illustrates how women's hair was curled and pulled back.

Why does it seem like the men from the 1930's were SO much more attractive then the men today?! (lol)

James Roosevelt, son of President and Mrs. Roosevelt, Served second in command of Marine Raider Battalion "Carlson's Raiders".

The 1930's is my favorite era for lingerie and undergarments

1930s Peach Bralette and Tap Shorts 30s SILK SATIN LINGERIE Set

Why can't men still dress like this today?!

Self portrait - style. why cant men dress this good these days.<<<I hear ya

Jean Harlow truly is

This is Jean Harlow. In the dresses again became longer and touched the ground in comparison with the short dresses of the The waistline came back to its natural position to emphasized womanly lookjean harlow, simbolo della femminilità - foto del 1936

More beautiful undergarments and lingerie from the 1930'

I want Alcimena in a nightgown / house coat that's thin and worn, maybe threads are showing.I want a delicate look since she is balancing between life and death. Beautiful Vintage Bridal Trousseau Silk Peignoir Set, Nightgown and Robe