A vibrant rainbow of make-up with  crystals.

A modification of this look would look great for the spring ensemble. Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem


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Art Rainbow Candy Eye Makeup Decorations - This Halloween go as a super hot Candy Striper. These colorful candy like dots can be applied easily with eyelash adhesive for a rainbow of color!

Art - #rainbow #makeup #eyeshadows

Magazine: Amica Italia, March 2012 Photographer: Mierswa Kluska Featuring: Ekaterina D Makeup Artist: Loni Baur Hair: Susan Voss-Redfern …

Rainbow Makeup #4

unrequitedamour: “ ♥ colors of the rainbow shine so bright everytime i look into your eyes ”

Make up for when I'm rainbow fish this Halloween?

confetti make up, multicolor confetti. That would be fun for a photo session! Or perhaps to be a Capitol Person for Halloween!