I'm so bored of looking at everything in the hospital. All the wires and tubes attached to me are annoying. I'm so bored. Does anybody want to come visit a useless quad? :( -Jordyn

He yanked out the tube, causing me to groan in pain. "Screw you." I groaned. He smiled. "Cmon princess, lets go.

Als ich ihn da liegen sah, den Schmerz und die Enttäuschung in seinem Blick, wurde mir klar was ich getan hatte. Ich war ein Monster und er würde an seinem gebrochenen Herz sterben, wenn ich nichts unternahm m

The Week I Traveled to California While I was in the Hospital by Kristen Fox — SPORK!

Christian Hook, portrait of Ian McKellan

Christian Hook, portrait of Ian McKellan Portrait artist of the year. something about this really intrigues me.

Alexey Alpatov, Unknown on ArtStack #alexey-alpatov #art

Depiciting an Urban Jungle. An unnamed painting by Alexey Alpatov

Sue Rubira - Portraits and Illustration

The portfolio of Sue Rubira, Southampton based portrait artist and illustrator

Cian McLoughlin. Painter.

Cian McLoughlin. Painter.

Young and Old. Group of people to create one face.

3 Tips To Help You Create Photo Collages The Easy Way

Human face made of several different people, artistic concept collage by Zurijeta, via ShutterStock

Special Operations

The Star of Life and The Rod of Asclepius - EMS Emergency Medical Services:

Heikki Leis - Drawings of Morning Rituals

Heikki Leis’s Awkward and Intimate Drawings of Morning Rituals

Portrait Mastery - Pencil Portrait Mastery - Pencil Portraits of People Looking in the Mirror - 06 - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

A terrific post about the difficult (and painful) topic of birth-related trauma and PTSD after childbirth. From MidwifeThinking.com

The Birth Project: Paintings

Oldrich Kulhanek ‘More and More’, 1997, lithography

Oldrich Kulhanek ‘More and More’, 1997 - Lithograph


colourful old lady drawing this

There is nothing more beautiful and blessed than to grow old together with your love.

Dianne Dengel "Side By Side" - painting of elderly couple embracing, sepia colors♥ Kerry and me

Annemarie Busschers

Saatchi Art: Robert Knook Painting by Annemarie Busschers

Ничего сказать не могу... смотрим молча. Фотограф Александр Виноградов (6 фото)

What a powerful image! Russian WWII Veteran during a ceremony remembering all those lost.