Kate Bush. Goddess

kate bush poster by JustMemorabilia

Kate Bush - "The Man With the Child in His Eyes"

My favourite female musician

Kate Bush.

Kate Bush,how can one beautiful lady make me weak.oh my god kate

My favorite artist of all time. She is fearless, unashamed, creative and beautiful.

Divas: the power of the female voice: 50 Words For Kate: - Glorious - A week today, Kate Bush will play her first live concert in 35 years! Today we have maths, dirty laundry, Joan of Arc and magic spells. must mean Kate has got an album out!

kate bush

Kate Bush - Cathy by John Carder Bush

Kate Bush

Kate Bush in an awesome fruit painting dress

kate bush - want everything about this picture

I love it when Kate Bush wears sweaters and blue jeans and still looks like a magical creature

50 Words For Snow - press image 1

Kate Bush 50 Words for Snow

It's sad when it takes you 30 years to really appreciate an artist!

Rare Scans and Photo Thread in Kate Bush General Discussion Forum

Kate Bush.

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