Garden design...I love this.

Garden designed with pebble-pattern stone path, through a pebble circle bed and lawn. Pebble circle planted with seaside plants. Pretty gazebo, at the far end. I wish this was my garden.

Garden design

Small Garden Design - Tips and Tricks

when your space is small, to make it an extension of your indoor living space. Use hardscaping to create entertaining areas, and open those doors wide and let the spaces work together. Use furnishings outdoors, plant grass for add planter

Low deck. Great way to add interest to a small back yard! Dedicated seating area.

Small Back Garden Landscape Ideas Post Modern Furniture Intended For Small Backyard Garden Designs Regarding Dream

Child friendly gardens (part 2)

The second feature in this series of child friendly gardens explores methods to camouflage children's trampolines so they aren't so much of an eyesore.

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