A-level painting based on decaying fruit and veg @ HighcrestAcademy

A-level painting based on decaying fruit and veg @ HighcrestAcademy decay of produce over TIME.

pear paper; you can find a how-to here: http://www.ehow.com/how_7727863_make-paper-fruits.html#

Handmade Paper Made from Fruits and Vegetables

How to make Handmade Fruit Papers - could use fruit for kitchen witch spells


Breadth Idea Mixed Media Still Life - subject matter in color- done in oil pastel or colored pencil- all other objects done in ebony pencil. Emphasis/composition/color/value (shading)

Amazing and fun: 'Supermarket stitch' by textile artist Holly Levell

Textile artist Holly Levell's trip to the supermarket inspired her 'Supermarket Stitch' collection: soft sculptures of every day objects and iconic brands.

Crocheted food art by Kate Jenkins

Crocheted Food Art by Kate Jenkins

Kate Jenkins' Crocheted Food Art will have your stomach growling with hunger. The talented UK-based artist owns her own label, Cardigan, where she sells many . Incredibly Creative Food Art Crocheted with Yarn ,Chinadaily Forum

drawings by skinny laminx

drawings by skinny laminx

The Terrier and Lobster: Charlotte Farmer Collection for New House Textiles

Family favourites - Tea Towel design by the supremely talented british illustrator Charlotte Farmer