First Day of Senior Year in High School holding a picture from first day in Kindergarten.

burst merge

Majestic kingfisher enjoys taking a dip

Look at this bird the King Fisher. This little creature was created by God unique to survive. The King Fisher has a coat of feathers that do not soak up water so that it can dive under water quickly and swiftly without having to dry of.

self portrait

Self Portrait Ideas For Photography - Here are 33 Creative Self Portrait photography Ideas that you might want to consider for your next selfie photo session,

panning at 1/60 to 1/15

Mastering Panning - How to Photograph Moving Subjects

day/night merge

One of the most well framed photos I've seen. & the light composition is just out of this world. 'Hongkong timelapse photograph' by: Coolbiere.

star time lapse

Photographer Anton Jankovoy spent months camping at the foot of the world’s highest peak patiently waiting for the right weather conditions to capture this a swirling star trail above Mount Everest in the Himalayas.

selective colors in a frame

First of all: Selective colors rock! Secondly: Color Splash Studio for Mac is the best app to create exceptional photography with selective colors.

Tutorial: Selective coloring in Photoshop

In this post, we have showcased beautiful, stunning and awe-inspiring examples of selective coloring photography. These photos show the power of combining a little bit of color to otherwise black and white photographs.