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The girl reminds me of an anime character I created

You slut! The black haired guy is so much more than that hopeless blondie that will never dye his hair! Damn I'm REALLY a sucker for BLACK haired guys. It's like a complex lol. Hirunaka no Ryuusei

Thanks, Tommy, for the share. ^.^ Oh, and I found out what anime this comes from.

accelerator ahoge brown hair choker colored eyelashes eyes closed hug kadaka last order short hair sleeping to aru majutsu no index white eyelashes white hair - Image View -

cute anime couple

Ezreal and Lux, the second best pairing in League "you don't need to play the pocky game to get a kiss.

Cute anime couple (2)

I know exactly how she is feeling. Her legs probably feel asleep or she's tired from staying in the same position for a long time but she doesn't want to move because he's so cute when he's sleeping. This is so cute when the boyfriend is doing this *-*