Australian artist Helle Jorgenson is beyond amazing!  Barnacles made out of reclaimed wool, and discarded plastic beautifully crafted into sea anemones… Pure awesomeness!  Check out her other work via the link.

Helle Jorgenson - a whizz with crochet needles and plastic bag yarn. inspiration for my Ptolemy I'll have you know.

Knitted Sea Urchins by Patricia Brown

patricia brown's machine knit sea urchins OH MY GOD! I want a collection of knit sea urchins!

felt sea urchins

Check this sale

Crochet coral.  I keep saving these! Gonna have to make some soon :)

Free Form Crochet Sculptures … looks more like underwater coral to me! Hand crafted by Cornflower Blue Studio. Rachel also has an Etsy store. You can find i

A Selection of my Embroidered mussel brooches

I get a distinctly calm feeling when I look at these incredible embroidered sculptures of the natural world by fiber artist Heather Collins.

Rock | Pebble | Stone | 岩 | 石 | Pierre | камень | Pietra | Piedra | Color | Texture | Pattern |

Stones Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Laine Garrido