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Abigail Ahern is interiors obsessed. Take a look at pics of her home and see how her style has evolved whilst staying true to her Maximalist roots.
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Give Your Home Curb Appeal
My Rules for Creating Curb Appeal. Firstly, soften the front of your home with plants and work them in wherever poss, as they add such depth. If you don’t have a garden at the front then plant up some containers. If you go earthy on the exterior paint colour your landscape will pop, and for extra style kudos, paint out the door and window frames in the same hue. I’ve gone for Farrow and Ball London Clay which I happen to love. Oh, and finally, add something super-sized. Curb Appeal Nailed!
My Ultimate Guide to Decorating Differently. 1 Break the Rules. 2 It’s All About Emotion. 3 Create a Bold Interiors Language. 4 Unique Decor.
a table with a vase on it next to a lamp and some plants in the corner
Stylish Corners
Create an intrigiung corner with lighting that wows and accessories that enhance the everyday. Abigail Ahern swoon-worthy homeware for a home that you'll never want to leave.
Home With Soul. I am a firm believer that creating a home that feels like a sanctuary is about surrounding yourself with things (and four leggeds) that you love and that resonate with the heart. Whatever style your home is, it should feel like a place free from rules where you can do whatever you like, where it feels like you’ve escaped into your own universe. ⁠My kind of home is one that's been decorated and designed with intention - a soul-soothing sanctuary that captivates the senses.
Texture is one of the most under-considered components in the decorating world, and in an interior, you need a real interplay of different textures. Smooth next to slubby, and incredible materiality like wool, flat weave, basketry and they all intermingle making a really compelling interior. The biggest mistake people make, is not dialling up the texture. Oh, and the bigger the contrast in different materials, the more magic that’s created!
a living room with a fire place and rugs on the floor
Shaggy Pouffe
Texture makes rooms more interesting. It creates ambience. And the best thing is, you can never overdose on it! The trick is to cause friction and put as many different materials in a room as possible. Hand-tufted rugs, oodles of sofa cushions, gilded frames & wooden tables.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a wall mounted clock
Textural Pouffe
Texture doesn't have the puling power of pattern or colour. Your eye will not automatically dart it it, so you really need to pile on those contrasts. It's the 'opposites attract' approach: pit rough against smooth, super-glossy against nubby, coarse against fine, modern against trad.
Interiors Q&A
Welcome to a new series of your interiors questions answered. First Up - How to Brighten Up a Space. Abigail Ahern imparts her extensive interiors knowledge to help you create a home you'll love.
Create a Home You'll Never want to Leave | Abigail Ahern
Think outside the box and create a home that transports you to your safest space. One that supports not only your wellbeing, but your creativity and physical needs too. A welcoming home full of love, and of course a big dollop of style that's personal to you.
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a desk with a lamp and bookshelf in front of it that says, take a tour of ab's studio 20
Studio Tour | Abigail Ahern
Take a tour of Abi's studio - the engine room to her biz.