Brutalist Architecture

This board is based on Brutalism buildings from all around the world
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concrete prison. Gian Paolo Valenti 1962. Brutalistic architecture.

This building is a concrete prison. Called Gian Paolo Valenti made in This is a Brutalist Architecture building I can tell by the shapes and the structure of the building.

l'Unite d'Habitation Marseille, France by Le Crobusier :: 1952

Le Corbusier was a Swiss born architect and designer. He revolutionized design in architecture. l'Unite d'Habitation (La Cité Radieuse), Marseille, France by Le Crobusier :: 1952

Brutalist Stair Downtown Atlanta

Brutalist Stair Downtown Atlanta, photo by Isaiah King - Brutalist architecture is a style of architecture that flourished from the to the spawned from the modernist architectural movement. Brutalism rapidly became popular with governments

The Balfron Tower /  south east London.

The Balfron Tower / Pic: Simon Terrill. The brutalist tower designed by Erno Goldfinger has been used for a series of different artistic endeavors lately, including an overnight production of Macbeth. Go at sunset for unusual views over south east London.

brutalist architecture at Habitat 67, Montreal

fuckyeahbrutalism: Habitat Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (Moshe Safdie) my favourite thing on the entire world. I saw tghis back then and thought this was our future.

ministry of highways georgia | 1975

George Chakhava & Zurab Jalaghania, Ministry Of Highways Of The Soviet Republic Of Georgia, Brutalist Architecture

Central Library, University of California San Diego, 1970 (William Pereira)

Geisel Library, University of California San Diego, 1970 - William Pereira. I went for Shadow-a-Librarian Day and it was awesome!