Reclaimed wood floor mirror - fabulous!

Upcycling Design: Mirrors Framed with Reclaimed Wood

Frase de una amiga "Me gustaría poner esto en mi cuarto .... luego pienso en la factura de la luz .____. " xD

46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion

tartan & wicker looking good together :)..thinking...what about the back bathroom which is directly behind another door anyhow, curtains?  Lock door #1 for privacy. Curtains - like this- for space issue.

oh goodness. love the red plaid curtains! I have yards and yards of this type of plaid in a light flannel. Always wanted to make winter curtain from it.

Awesome space!

Rustic living room with tartan accessories. A cable knit blanket is great way to make your living room feel a bit more cosy!

Wood and Metal Square Chandelier - I wonder how easy it would be to build a wooden frame around a chandelier...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Wood and Metal Square Chandelier

Gorgeous geometric square wood and metal chandelier. The wood comes in a raw, natural tone and the metal is a pewter color.

Laura Ashley Christmas - Everything You Could Wish For!

Warming scents are a must, especially when you want to be cosy in bed. A gingerbread is an ideal addition to your bedroom this Christmas, making you feel all toasty inside while you drift off to sleep.