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a candle sitting on top of a white plate next to a tube of liquid and nuts
AbodeAura Pearl Wax Candles: Elegance Illuminated 🕯️✨
Elevate your home with AbodeAura's Pearl Wax Candles - where eco-conscious craftsmanship meets sophisticated glow. Perfect for any room, our candles promise a clean, long-lasting burn for a serene atmosphere. 🌿💫
an info sheet describing how to use candles for aromas and the benefits of candles
A Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy Candles 🕯️🌿
Embarking on my aromatherapy candle journey, I've gathered some golden nuggets to share: ✨ The magic starts when the candle melts into a fragrant pool of liquid light. ⏳ A 70g candle, lit each evening, will graciously last five nights. 🌡️ Above the flame, a warm halo - a beacon in the night. 👃 Candles should kiss the air with scent, not overwhelm. 🚫 A long wick can mean smoke; trim for a pure, bright burn. What are your candlelit rituals?