Me on the Map activity!

Landforms & Map Skills Unit

Great for younger grades, this helps students learn what it looks like to understand geography with a local and global perspective. This is sometimes difficult for kids.

Our local community board.  Using an old car mat and photographs from where the children visit over the year at pre-school such as the post office, tea room, doctors, dentist, hairdressers, shop, etc. EYFS Links: Understanding The World

Using a car mat and photographs, create prayer board for people and places in our community

cool idea to teach kids where they live

My grade class that I was with last semester did this exact project. It allows them to grasp the bigger picture and what all they are apart of, like our entire planet.

Look at how homes and communities have changed in the past 100 years. The project includes a local history study, a comparison of Victorian homes and lifestyles with modern day and an insight into the period’s inventions.

Need great hints concerning inventions and patents? Head out to this fantastic website!

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