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Vampire appliances suck energy from your home when they are not in use

Originally published on Green Building Elements. Take a close look at this infographic to see what power-thirsty vampire appliances consume the most energy in your home – and how to stop them.

Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive. Eintein's reply was "I don't know, you'll have to ask Nikola Tesla."

"Nikola Telsa was not in this for the money. He wanted to give the world free energy. If we are to implement free energy in the tradition of Nikola Tesla, then we need to replicate not only his science but his humanity.

7 Reasons to Go Decentralized — Power for All

7 Reasons to Go Decentralized — Power for All

Promoting STEM Critical Thinking Using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes -

The benefit of mind mapping STEM concepts using the Post-it Notes Flags, and Tabs is it allows students to visually see the connections between ideas or information.

How to build a working Lego candy dispenser! Step-by-step instructions. @doria

How to build a working Lego candy dispenser! Step-by-step instructions. Great for a Lego birthday party!

Do you have a budding engineer in the family? Check out these 25 simple activities for little engineers! #5 is my favorite!

25 Simple activities for preschool aged curious engineers. Technology/Engineering Ask questions, make observations, and gather information about a situation people want to change that can be solved by developing or improving an object or tool.

Disrupting beliefs: A new approach to business-model innovation | McKinsey & Company

A McKinsey model to drive business model innovation. Question held beliefs and reframe the problems. Validate new assumptions.

How to keep up with it all

Infographic: 60 Seconds - Things That Happen Every Sixty Seconds. I like the way data were compiled. Colors and backgrounds make sense, data and icons are clear. I am much less impressed with the data itself; lack of source list doesn't help.

Una completísima infografía sobre lo que es el #InternetDeLasCosas Muy muy muy completa e ilustrativa

What exactly is the Internet of Things? Infographic - A graphic explainer at what the Internet of Things really is -