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Coupechoux Group's Manny Building in Nantes, France by Tetrarc Architects. Admired this building when I was in Nantes for Le Voyage à Nantes!

Technosphere: Futuristic Building In Dubai, Jebel Ali, UAE, structure, architecture, fantastic, amazing, unique, futuristic, building, concept, James Law Cybertecture, solar panels, green energy

The Technosphere by James Law Cybertecture, resembling of a science fiction building, celebrates Earth’s ecosystem, located in the Economic Zones World in Dubai, UAE.

Plantagon Vertical Greenhouse ~   Award-winning Swedish company Plantagon works with urban agriculture and specializes in what is known as vertical cultivation. Plantagon’s vertical greenhouses minimize the need for energy, water and pesticides. Plans are underway to build vertical greenhouses in Linköping and Botkyrka, south of Stockholm. The idea is that the buildings will contribute to a climate-smart solution to the world’s future demands for food.

Here's a pretty cool urban farming solution---a Plantagon greenhouse for urban farming. Construction on the first one broke ground in Sweden last week. This unique vertical-farming greenhouse will also be

Membrane by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

Membrane chair with tensile structure by Benjamin Hubert for Classicon

This armchair by London designer Benjamin Hubert weighs just three kilograms. Called Membrane, the chair by Benjamin Hubert for German brand Classicon comprises a steel and aluminium frame covered in mesh fabric.

You can wire individual solar cells together to make your own solar panel.

Detailed Instruction on How to Make Homemade Solar Panels

How to Make Homemade Solar Panels. We have already learned to wire solar cells in a series, the hard part is over. Now we can assemble our panel and produce electricity from the sun.

Truck-driving school building topped with a perforated aluminium canopy.

Yellow mesh box sits atop Ateliers O-S's school building

Yellow mesh box sits atop Ateliers O-S’s truck-driving school building in France

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