Saul Bass (1920 –1996) was an American graphic designer and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his design of film posters and motion picture title sequences.  Bass also designed some of the most iconic corporate logos in North America
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movie poster by Saul Bass (1962)  This is a unique vintage ad that shows nothing from the movie itself, just a picture of the interesting approach
Saul Bass  Os contornos têm muitas vezes um aspecto de recortes espontâneos, preenchidos com cores vivas cuidadosamente seleccionadas. É também uma característica sua a notável gestão que normalmente fazia do espaço vazio num cartaz.
Bass Notes: The film posters of Saul Bass – in pictures
Saul Bass poster of Grand Prix movie, 1966 #design
Saul Bass posters and storyboards in London. Saul Bass, The Human Factor, Poster, 1979
I chose this poster because it is eye catching and draws you in because of the composition of the shapes and the pattern of colours
Saul Bass movie poster, "The Magnificent Seven," 1960, directed by John Sturges
Saul Bass Poster Project.

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"The Man With The Golden Arm" (1955) A dried-out heroin addict returns to his wife and card dealing in Chicago.
Classic movie poster.
Durante a sua carreira, ele trabalhou com alguns dos maiores artistas de Hollywood, entre eles, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick e Martin Scorsese, para além de Otto Preminguer. A sua ocupação acabou por ser design gráfico no cinema e abertura de filmes.
Como consultor visual, Saul Bass tinha o trabalho de criar os "Story Boards"para…
Saul Bass: Poster for Saint Joan, 1957, dir. Otto Preminger The Saul Bass Poster Archive
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Saul Bass print. What a great interpretation of the garden of Eden! I love how the tree limbs and branches become arm and fingers, and how the snake/devil is wrapped around the tree fingers.
Dirty Harry. "Got to ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky? Well, do yea, punk?"