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a man and woman looking at their reflection in a mirror with the caption do you use the power of reflecting back in your business conversations?
Tip to improve your relationships today
Continue mastering Listening with tip 2: Reflect Back When you are listening to someone, from time to time it is worth repeating back what they say to them. It shows that you are listening actively. It is something I coach business owners on to get better results daily. When people feel listened to, the chances of you getting what you want out of the partnership is much higher, and ensures your business success (or relationship success too) 😊 #listeningtips #growyourbusiness #coaching #sme
a flyer for an event with two men and woman in hardhats talking to each other
Tool to grow your business
Today during a session I discussed how speaking to someone who has the experience within your industry can be so useful, and can make it much easier for you to step back and look at your business. Speaking to someone with the experience you will find useful, who is willing to share their thoughts and tips, can really be invaluable. Try it today - who can you speak to? #businessgrowthstrategies #coachingtips #businessmentoring #smesuk
a man wearing a hard hat and holding his hands up to his head, with the words your values in front of him
Why are values important to your business
Here is what you can do with VALUES, once you know them... If you don't know these, your focus is hindered, and life and business are not as easy as they could be. So, if you can get all this, what are your top 5 values? For more go to: #values #businessstrategy #coachingtips
a poster with the words, joanna has specialized and expertise she's straightforward to work with
Is business coaching right for you?
If you are not sure whether a coach is the right person for you to speak to, there is a free session with me to get to know me, explaining what you need, before you have to make any decisions. Over 45 people have tried it this year alone, and you can book your chat with me in under 1 minute here: So try it out now at start of Q2, and see if coaching with me works for you and your business! #businesscoach #smes #businesschat
a poster with the words,'found joanna to be a well - known member of
Find the right help for your business and for yourself
Want to have additional support and a sounding board for your business? I loved working with Sarah, who felt like her goals were very big and needed my assistance to break them down, to plan a strategy and to proceed confidently with her plan. She really enjoyed working with me and found it beneficial. To find out what I can do for you, book a chat today: #businessowners #businessstrategy #soundingboard
a man with his head on a rock and the words what is the solution to overwhelm?
How to cure and avoid overwhelm in life and business
I'm Joanna Trew from Accomplish Your Goals Ltd, and I'm an experienced and fully qualified Business Coach, helping overwhelmed business owners from working themselves to the ground, whilst helping them make more money. I offer a free taster session, and I encourage you to book yours today on my website, as it may be the cure to overwhelm you have been looking for... “Don’t just set goals, Accomplish Your Goals” #businesscoaching #smesupport #businessstrategy #businessgrowth
a man and woman standing in front of a whiteboard with words do you listen or are you waiting to speak?
How to be a better listener at home and in business
Start this weekend with practising Listening tip 1: Focus while waiting to speak This means that while you have something to say and you are waiting to speak when the other person finishes, do make sure that you are still focusing and paying attention. You can always go back to what you wanted to say. Wouldn't that be better for your business and your personal relationships too? Try it this weekend! #businessgrowth #listeningskills #businesstips #smes
a flyer for a new habit month with an image of two men in hardhats and
Tool for monthly habit, personal development, efficiency
Want an easy way to hack your Personal Development? It helps me and my business and all you have to do here is to PUT A REMINDER in your calendar to repeat once per month. Goals, targets, strategies are all crucial, and THIS LITTLE EASY TIP and reminder will make it so much easier for you to keep working on yourself, and on your business! It will serve you for months and years to come, and you will not miss the opportunity to create a new habit each month! #smesupport #businesscoach #ownertips
a woman sitting at a table writing on a piece of paper with the words team engagement
Try a business coaching session today
I hope my posts and tools are still helpful to my connections and my friends, and will now catch up on it by posting my entire personal development video course starting 1st of April on some of my social media sites. It can all be found on YouTube @BusinessCoachJoanna from 10th April 2024. In the meantime, whenever you would like a chat contact me here or via email, and I look forward to helping you with whatever I can. #businesscoachessex #businessgrowth #smes #personaldevelopment
a computer screen with five stars on the bottom and an image of david chamberin
What you need is here
a watch sitting on top of a person's hand with the words, when do you reflect and grow?
When can you do the things you like
a woman standing in front of a sign that says love is spelled with pink letters
Monday inspiration and planning
What can you do when you realise your strength and stubbornness?
the 5 year vision exercise poster
Do you have a 5 year vision? Free coaching tool to start using today
a blue poster with the words five tips on how to accomplish your goals
How to get better results from your goals list - tips to accomplish goals