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Heat Up A Cold Fall Evening With This Cajun Squirrel Stew

This is a simple recipe for venison stew. Perhaps you hunt, or you know someone who does who is willing to share a little venison with you. While it is a red meat like beef, it has a much richer, stronger flavor. Venison stew is perhaps one of truly comfo

Pheasant and Wild Rice

16 Impressive Christmas Dinner Ideas - Wondering what to make for Christmas dinner? Browse our collection of show-stopping entrees perfect for your holiday feast. You'll find main dish recipes for prime rib, roast chicken, glazed ham and more.


These rabbit recipes look insanely good, and now that d'Artagnan has a display at the local market, I can make it anytime I want! I'm sorry if you find them too cute to cook - for me, everything is worth trying at least once.

Rabbit pie

Rabbit pie: A delicious wintery game pie. This is a real treat – packed with gamey rabbit, pork belly, sweet prunes and a dash of Armagnac

Pan Fried Grouse with Blackberries & Blackberry Dressing

Pan Fried Grouse with Blackberries & Blackberry Dressing. Made using oven ready fresh grouse from The Blackface Meat Company.

Quail Pie - could use grouse or woodcock too

Rustic little Quail Pies, inspired by a recipe in the 1930 edition of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

Grouse soup with wild rice, An ode to the woods: Grouse soup with acorns and wild rice. A very earthy, wintry dish.

A hunter's harvest shouldn't stop after the quarry falls. Look like a gourmet chef with these five upland game bird recipes