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How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

Today's post looks at the problem of separation anxiety in dogs, together with some ideas for how to remedy the situation.

We love the fact that dogs love us with so much enthusiasm. It& part of their charm! But most of us don& love when our dogs are so excited to . The post My Dog Claws Me When I Come Home From Work appeared first on Journey Dog Training. Health Facts, Pet Health, Squirrel Appreciation Day, Meds For Dogs, Flying Dog, Malinois, When You Come Home, Dog Training Techniques, Dog Facts

How to teach a dog to come when called

Today's post looks at teaching our pets to come back when called - EVERY time! Let me know your thoughts. Happy Monday :)

There are so, so many reason that Doberman Pinchers are the worst breed ever it's going to be tough to fit them all in here but we'll give it a go! Make sure to comment us with pictures of your Dobie and why they're the worst! Doberman Pinscher, All Types Of Dogs, Doberman Love, Puppy Biting, Companion Dog, Dog Activities, Pretty Photos, Rottweiler, Mans Best Friend

How to teach a puppy not to bite

How do I stop my puppy biting? Take a look at today's new blog post which looks at how to manage puppy biting and chewing.

These 24 DIY DOG Toothpaste Recipes are made from natural ingredients that prevent plaque buildup and take care of your dog's dental health and provide odor-free breath! Pitbull Terrier, Diy Dog Toothpaste, Essential Oils Dogs, Oils For Dogs, Dog Anxiety, Love Dogs, Dog Teeth, Mundo Animal, Teeth Cleaning

10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys

Today's post looks at some of the best indestructible dog toys around today. Let us know your favourites too.

Yesterday I posted about how to keep your dog occupied when you cannot be with him. One of the suggestions was the use of stuffable dog toys. Dog Boredom, Dog Activities, Dog Toys, Best Dogs, Your Dog, This Or That Questions, Blog, Animals, Animales

Stuffables - best dog boredom toys

Take a look at this review of stuffable dog toys, all aimed to keep your dog from being bored when we are not there. Feedback, questions and suggestions most welcome.

Today's post focuses on the perennial problem of dogs who pull - take a look at let us know what you think. Dog Activities, Perennial, Dog Walking, Take That, This Or That Questions, Dogs, Fun, Crossstitch, Fin Fun

Stop dog pulling - making dog walks fun!

Today's post focuses on the perennial problem of dogs who pull - take a look at let us know what you think.

Natural Dog Food - Animals And Photos Calcium Rich Foods, Golden Retriever Mix, Natural Dog Food, Can Dogs Eat, Dry Dog Food, Dog Eating, Safe Food, Dog Food Recipes, Animales

Dog food for dogs with allergies - is home cooked best?

A first look at the minefield that is dog food allergies.

Useful Dog Obedience Training Tips – Dog Training Dog Training School, Dog Training Classes, Dog Training Tips, Most Expensive Dog, Smartest Dogs, Puppy Crate, Dog Commands, Dog School, Dog Hacks

How to stop dogs jumping up

Following on from the last post about teaching your dog to jump, this one looks at the flip side of the coin, where jumping up is a problem behaviour

A training collar can become a very efficient tool to teach your dog the right behaviors. It is important to select the right kind of training collar for your dog and to learn how to properly use it. Training collars are usually designed to cause. Education Canine, Best Dog Training, Training Kit, Training Classes, White Dogs, Dog Behavior, Dog Care, Beautiful Dogs, Dog Owners

Jumping for joy - introducing the dog agility jump

An overview of how to teaching your dog to jump a simple hurdle.

Summer Tips for Dog Owners: Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather - Mishi Pets Dog Cooling Mat, Mammoth Lakes, Love Dogs, Brown Dog, New Puppy, Training Your Dog, Training Tips, Peta, Dog Walking

Keeping dogs cool in hot weather – don’t sweat it!

Feeling hot??? Chances are your dog is too, here's some ideas for keeping Fido cool.

Want to reduce your pet's environmental footprint? The book 'Greening Your Pet Care' offers practical animal care advice to help eco-conscious pet owners. Cat Ideas, Game Mode, Son Chat, Mosquitos, Dog Training Tips, Training Kit, Training Academy, Training Classes, Training Videos

Puppy Socialisation Plan - starting out right!

A first look at a basic plan for puppy socialisation.

Dogs—especially puppies—like to chew. That comes as no surprise to us dog lovers. It took a decade for my old Corgi-Chi mix, Parker, to let go of his chewing Jaw Clenching, Master And Commander, Best Of Intentions, Electrical Cord, Serious Injury, Seizures, New Beginnings, Your Pet, Dog Lovers

Pup Play - the importance of play for young dogs

This post looks at the importance of play, particularly in young dogs, and provides some ideas to introduce fun into your relationship with your furry friend.

 Some Helpful Ideas For Training Your Dog. Loving your dog does not mean you are willing to let him go hog wild on your possessions. That said, your dog doesn't feel the same way. Dogs Eating Grass, Dog Eating, Puppy Toilet Training, Fall Lawn Care, Puppy Images, Brown Puppies, National Puppy Day, Easiest Dogs To Train, Dog Training

Puppy toilet training - simple, fast and effective

How to teach your puppy toilet habits quickly.

The Science of Why "Dog-Directed Speech" Works When Talking to Your Pup — Inverse Baby Voice, Basic Dog Training, Dog Training Techniques, Dog Activities, Talking To You, Your Dog, It Works, Science, Puppies

Teaching the stay command - basic dog training techniques

Back to basics with this one, teaching your dog to stay.

Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes for Healthy Dogs Puppy Care, Pet Puppy, Online Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Soft Dog Treats, Best Puppy Food, Best Puppies, Free Dogs, Dog Treat Recipes

Indoor dog games - keeping our pets occupied whatever the weather

This post looks at alternative ways of keeping our dogs exercised besides the traditional dog walk.