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How to make a weighted sensory blanket

How to make a weighted blanket: DIY Sewing Tutorial

Sewing tutorial on how to make a weighted blanket. Detailed instructions on how to sew a sensory blanket.

I learned

DIY Body Sock Tutorial

DIY tutorial to create a lycra body sock.

No Sew Weighted Lap Pad- Perfect for Calming Anxiety and Sensory Input

Super Simple Calming Weighted Lap Pad for the Kid that Can't Sit Still

Looking for the perfect tool for your kid that can't sit still? Look no further. This super simple calming weighted lap pad will calm your child in no time!

Long time favourite of the sensory child! It spins, has a cover to hide under and provides a great little escape place.

IKEA PS LÖMSK white, red, Swivel armchair - IKEA

With the hood pulled down the armchair is a secret hiding-place for the child. The fabric lets light in so it's never completely dark under the hood. Spinning round helps the brain to sort sensory impressions. Add a cushion or pad for more comfort. Recommended for ages from 3 years. Keep away from fire. This product bears the CE mark.

Great for children who need to move but may find a gym ball too challenging. Helps give vestibular and proprioceptive input, as well as deep pressure if used for rolling over hands and legs (with care!)

Fitness & Gym | Cross Training, Cardio, HIIT | Decathlon

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These are tubes filled with tiny plastic beads and objects to find. Great for occupying time when sat waiting or travelling - and a nice alternative to screen time.

The Ultimate Contained Adventure

Find it featured on the SHOW. About Find it, A contained Adventure. A great family game, kids game, or travel game, Find It is a entertaining game

One of the most overpriced pieces of sensory equipment, but so magical. It seems to be mesmerising for so many children at an early stage of development. The beads provide tactile, auditory and visual input that can be very calming. Nice to develop awareness of another as you can sit the other side and play too.

Sensory Bead Curtain - Rewarding Sensory Toy | TFH

Tough wooden base dangles a curtain of cool metal chains.

Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel

Happy Senso Multi-Sensory Gel

Happy Senso is a gel with wonderful Multi-sensory effects It s dermatologically tested formula gives you a nourishing and cooling effect which feels

Creating a calm space for children to hang out in or calm down in is so helpful. The pop up dark den from Sensory Direct is one of our favourites as it collapses to a small size, but provides a good sized retreat that can be used with light up toys.

Small Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den

Sensory Pop-up Black Out Cube - 90cm x 90cm x 90cm. Create a safe sensory space at home, garden or in the classroom. This is Sensory Direct's pop-up blackout sensory cube den and is very easy to use; the den pops open under its own sprung tension and requires no poles, pegs or ties. Developed to offer an alternative to a permanent sensory room, it is portable, light and very affordable. Once open, it provides a safe environment that is ideal for use with projectors and illuminated toys. The…

Gives intense tactile input. This one has an on/ off button which means you don't have to rely on children having enough strength to squeeze the cushion (as with other designs).

Vibrating Massage Pillow

Vibrating pillow can be used for sensory and tactile input. Vibration itself has many therapeutic benefits for people of all ages, with or without disabilities or sensory processing disorders. These pillows are a comfortable and convenient way to provide soothing, regulating and healing effects to any part of your body. In particular, people with sensory processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunction enjoy, and often need or crave the input these pillows provide. For the under…

lap pad blue stars

Polycotton Weighted Lap Pads

Sensory Direct's Weighted Lap Pads are designed to apply calming deep pressure to the lap and upper legs whilst the user is sitting down. The weight is provided by plastic beads sewn into small individual cells that mould themselves to the body or legs. This is reversible with a super soft and warm dimple Minky fleece fabric on one side and strong soft polycotton on the other. The user experiences the deep pressure from the weight of the Lap Pad which has a calming effect helping attention…

These go really well with the dark den and provide visual input. Some children find this calming - don't put all the lights on all at once unless you're trying to alert someone!

Light Up Sensory Jar

A selection of 10 light up sensory toys in a handy storage jar! A handpicked selection of light up toys - great for use in a dark room or sensory den. Each Jar will contain TEN toys selected from the following list: colour changing egg - watch it gently change colour before your eyes shake and shine light - a mini lava lamp that lights up and changes colour when shaken electromite - tactile fidget toy that lights upsqueezy ghost - flashing tactile toy disco glide ball- a small hard ball…

These can be another expensive investment in the grand scheme of toys. Cheaper versions can be found (or even made by some handy people!) Encourages hand eye coordination, visual tracking and turn taking.

ball race sensory board - part of the sensory range from Smirthwaite

Twist 'n' race (ball race sensory board) two ball entrances and exits to allow for exciting ball race games and if children are playing together. Can be used in sensory integration sessions. Stands in it's own stand and can be easily moved and transported. Other ball runs are available.

A great addition for any sensory kid who loves to spin! This simple toy encourages creative and sensory motor play. Most often used to sit in and spin, but can also be used to balance on, used as a bucket or pull along toy, a turtle shell, a helmet...

Buy the Moluk Bilibo Sensory Toy at KIDLY UK

Requiring neither batteries nor complicated instructions, the Bilibo is powered purely by your child's imagination. Designed to engage their natural curiosity, in their hands these open-ended toys come alive & turn into anything and everything. It trains their imagination and motor skills and lets them become inventors of their own games and rules. The Bilibo is incredibly strong, so there won’t be any 'I broke it, Mum’ outbursts. It can also be stacked in play and for storage, while two…

Great no-mess option to practice mark making. It just uses water and colour magically appears. Can be done lying on tummies for extra therapy points!

Buy Chad Valley Aqua Magic Mat | Drawing and painting toys | Argos

Help your children to express their creative side with this Chad Valley Aqua Magic Mat. With a fun ocean scene your little ones will be able to draw anything that comes into their mind let their imagination run wild. Just add water to the pen and watch your children draw anything they can think of, before it appears in just a second. Then when its dry you can clear it and watch the fun start all over again. Great for creative play you can help your little ones stretch their imagination and…