Create text messages to display your morning message to your class each day! Or if you need to create fake texts for any other reason.

Neat bulletin board idea for posting pictures throughout the year - Maybe have "frames" for each month and post pics inside the frames?

36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

Label the door frame or the side of the board to help kids remember horizontal, vertical, x axis, y axis. 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

descriptive words other words to use. be still my heart! I love using a variety of descriptive words. This list, in the words of Mrs.Riley -my high school English teacher, is a plethora of words :-)

Fun with water, great recycled plastic bottle project. This could be pretty if you used wine bottles. It's just a matter of figuring out how to cut a hole in the side.

Telling Time-A great visual schedule for children. Telling time on an analog clock is becoming a more difficult skill to teach!

Pin This activity has students measure their height with yarn. Then they display everyone’s yarn on a poster and they compare them. The students fill out a worksheet using the yarn poster.

Ono Mato What? - Onomatopoeia Display for Figurative Language. Inspiration for classroom literacy displays about onomatopoeia