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several different types of pens and knives on top of a wooden table with marbled surface
Ystudio Revolve Sketching Pencil
This slender sketching pencil from Ystudio provides a grip and stability that other mechanical pencils tend to lack. Crafted from pure brass, it's weighted to feel just right in the hand. ABOUT THE BRASSING COLLECTIONA matte black finish is applied to the solid brass surface of this pencil. As the pencil takes on years of use, the black finish will begin to wear off and the brass color will shine through, giving it a totally personalized look.
a close up of a metal object on a wooden surface
Edc Ballpoint Pen Kaweco / Solid Brass
a pen sitting on top of a metal container
Edc Mechanical Pencil Kaweco / Solid Brass
Edc Mechanical Pencil Kaweco / Solid Brass
an electronic device that is sitting on a wooden surface with its lid open and the battery still in it's holder
Edc Mechanical Pencil Kaweco / Solid Brass