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Make holes in jar lids, then screw the lids to underneath the shelf, and then screw the jar in place with items inside - great for the kitchen - clever storage ideas. My dad did this in his workshop.

Compact Tong and Hammer Rack – Ken's Custom Iron Store

The Compact Tong and Hammer Rack comes standard with two pieces (a left and a right) and has two levels for hanging y

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Swiveling Screwdriver Holders - Homemade wall-mounted swiveling screwdriver holders constructed from surplus maple hardwood flooring, nuts, and bolts.

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Makita cordless charging station I might be able to actually use my cordless tools with a set up like this provides excellent guidance as well as tips to woodworking

battery charger/tool shelf with a terminal strip mounted behind the charger shelf plugged in to a timer that will run long enough to keep a charge on the batteries.