Creative Photography

Includes photos captured creatively or having undergone creative processing. Also works that cover unique subject matter or stylistic features.
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National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - In Focus - The Atlantic

Photo and caption by Angiolo Manetti. This photo was taken in the Upper Antelope Canyon near Page (AZ) and it's shows the amazing effect of the sand thrown in the air and struck by the rays of the sun. Photo Location Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona, U.


Take a look at this amazing Two Face Optical Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - In Focus - The Atlantic

Curious cormorants watch the start of the Gatorman part of the La Jolla Roughwater Swim. Athletes swim 3 miles from La Jolla Cove to Scripps Pier and back (Photo by Lee Sie). (via National Geographic Photo Contest

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'Alternative perspectives' - photographer and filmmaker Randy Scott Slavin has stitched hundreds of photographs together to form stunning spherical panoramic projections.


Moth Trails at Night: Fluttering wings leave lacy trails as moths beat their way to a floodlight on a rural Ontario lawn. The midsummer night’s exposure, held for 20 seconds, captured some of the hundreds of insects engaged in a nocturnal swarm.

striking artistry

Striking Multiple Exposure Shot of Takeoffs at Hannover Airport // Photograph by HO-YEOL RYU. So awesome! one of the best uses of time lapse/multiple Exposure.

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