If you are under 55, you simply won’t understand…

Lots of Memories

I loved roller skating! My mom & dad met at a roller skating rink.

No wheelie bins in those days !

I remember the bin men coming down the path to our back garden and heaving that heavy metal bin onto their shoulder and taking it out to the truck. Incredible when you think about it now and something you most definitely took for granted back then.

Personally not a fave of mine but friends had it all the time

Cider lolly - for young alcoholics

I had loads of these & lots of little pencil topper ones from cereal boxes

I had over 100 trolls. All sizes, holidays, colors etc.

These are now superseded by white boards and have a marker pen to write with so no heavy wood eraser blocks!

Roller blackboards and the wheeled ones, our science teacher used to put the kids who didn't behave behind it lol been there a few times myself :) not a very popular teacher i think the whole class would have been behind if he had his way hahaha

Orville and Keith Harris. I had the toy which was a puppet and I sadly went to see a concert too think it was in Blackpool

Orville and Keith Harris. Saw these at a student night, heard some disturbing jokes from a TV idol of my childhood.

The Country Life Butter Men

The Country Life Butter Men. You can't get a better bit of butter on your knoife (and yes, I did intend to spell it that way)

Oil Of Ulay, when it was still Ulay. My mother always had a bottle in the bathroom. Just looking at it is reassuring!

Remember when it was Oil Of Ulay not Olay?

chapter book but not sure of the age group as I dont have a copy.

Stig Of The Dump, by Clive King. Read this at school and was instantly drawn into this excellent adventure story and fell in love with Stig- great Childrens read

Quatro : 1983

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

Quatro Can - carbonated fruit drink.

Morning Assembly at School

Morning Assembly when we sang hymns

Weetabix Advert. If you know what's good for you, OK?

Top 10 Funny Food Adverts Food adverts in the was all about the animation and looking back it was just the start of things to come.

Sweet wrappers over the years

chocolate buttons - always a nursery rhyme on the back of the packet:)

The good old wooden school desk. Who can remember getting your school uniform caught on the splinters and getting stuck on the chewing gum someone had kindly put under the desk..!!!

Old school desks Iron framed and bolted to the floor. Notice the inkwell. I had to write with a nibbed pen - and I'm still alive.

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Cadburys Chocolate Buttons bag -they all had nursery rhymes on them with th verses written on the back.

3 x Vintage 70 s/80 s Plastic Carrier Bags Gateway Supermarket (pre Somerfield) £19.33 (5B)

Vintage 70 s Plastic Carrier Bags Gateway Supermarket - I'm not sure but I think Asda bought out Gateway