Hot water bottle cover... I really like colors and the diferent rows or the stitchs combinations...

Maybe a cover for heating pad. Ravelry: Mixed Stitch Crocheted Hot Water Bottle Cover pattern by Sofie Kay

Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial and Pattern

Last year, towards the end of winter, my trusty hot water bottle gave in and developed something of a fatal leak. I'm rather partial to a ni.

Knit this cosy cable hot water bottle over in time for winter! freebie: just stunning, thanks so xox

forty percent fringe : sixty percent face: cable hot water bottle cover pattern for knitting.

Crochet  PATTERN   Whale Hot Water Bottle Cover by Millionbells, $5.99

Whale Hot Water Bottle Cover PDF Crochet PATTERN Cosy PJ Pyjama Case

luxe faux fur hot water bottle - looks like a cuddly sheep omg!

Holiday Gift Guide For Her - Faux Fur Water Bottle-I really want one of these!

HOT WATER BOTTLE Cover Handmade. by BailouBayTreasures on Etsy

Hot Water Bottle Cover- Handmade