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6 Foods to store that last forever! Great article from Survival Spot.

6 Foods to store that last forever! Great article from Survival Spot. Rice, all except brown rice which has shorter shelf life Distilled white vinegar Sea Salt Honey Pure Vanilla extract Cornstarch

How to build your own solar hot water system

DIY Hot Water - Heating water requires a lot of energy, so it makes a lot of sense to use the power of the sun to heat the water for your home.

the way this barrel is enclosed in cob is very nicely done. Usually mass heater rocket stoves have the whole ugly stove exposed.

An insulated Rocket Stove heats up this bench and the wall behind it with very little material. Love the look of this rocket stove.

Do it Yourself Solar Home Tips - Unlike what most people think, solar power is affordable and easy to put to use. In reality, you have a lot to gain by creating your own solar home.

Solar energy is one of the most underrated solutions around. Many folks still rely on gas and other energy sources to power up their house, .

Greywater: How and Why to Reuse It (via Survival at Home)

Each year, more people reuse greywater from the bath, shower, bathroom sinks, and (laundry) washing machines that hasn't been in contact with human waste.

Tiny house • rustic appeal

A small Cabin made from one tree! - can we talk about how this cabin is made from just one tree! Couldn't we all do more with a lot less?