Bonus Room / Theater Room

Bonus Room / Theater Room -Already envisioning this painted black, gold and silver

Make the attic into the home theater will raise home value

HiFi Stereo and home theater design available at Clear Audio Design in Charleston, WV. Phone Because life should sound beautiful!

Top 10 - Dinge, die jedes Haus braucht.. :D

Its always been my dream to have my own home theater. Imagine being able to have the experience of going to a movie theater, with the huge screen and the surround sound, anytime you want. Building a home theater is no easy task.

Acoustic paneling on the pitched ceiling. Genius.

While it& not our first time witnessing the transformation of attics into dedicated home theaters, this comfortable confine refines the purpose of having sloped ceilings, which contributes to improving the acoustics of the room itself

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