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there are many green plants growing in the potted planters and on the ground
Trellis Cucumbers in Pots
some plants are hanging from the side of a fence
Indoor Bottle Herb Garden - From Recycled Milk Bottles
I love the idea of making planters out of the most unlikely items for your herbs and planters. Here are 23 planter ideas that will give your home and garden that unique touch this summer!
an outdoor garden with lots of green plants and vegetables growing in the area, including cucumbers
63 Garden Trellis Ideas To Add Beauty to Your Landscape
three glass vases with plants in them on a table
DIY Self-Watering Planters: Care for Your Houseplants While You're Away | ehow.com
How to Make a Hydroponics System with a Two-Liter Bottle
a poster showing different types of plants
VERTICALGREEN Jardines Verticales
Jardines Verticales Más