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Decorate like a Victorian
Planning to re-decorate this spring? 🪑 Check out our handy tips on how to decorate like a Victorian on a budget 🎨 #adrianfluxhomes #householdtips #homedecor #victoriandecor #gothicrevival
the top five things to know before you go on vacation infographical poster by adrianflux
5 ways to get the victorian paint look
It’s difficult to replicate a historic Victorian paint finish in your home. That’s because Victorian paint surfaces were uneven in colour and texture owing to the topcoat glaze and brushes which left their mark on the painted wall. The pigments used in paint made before 1875 were coarse and were mixed through the paint by hand.
the top five things to know about art nouveau style infographical poster by adrianflux
5 Art Nouveau style tips for your home
Learn how to achieve the timeless glamour of this iconic Victorian style in your home with these simple steps, and to discover more about this movement check out our blog post!
the five weird victorian wallpapers
Wallpaper Facts
Looking to decorate your home? Here are some strange, but interesting facts about how Victorians wallpapered their homes.
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Why is lead paint dangerous and how do I get rid of it?
The perils of decorating with lead-based paints were identified 50 years ago and lead paint was eventually banned completely in 1978 — so why is lead paint still dangerous today? And how can you get rid of it Read more on our Victorian Homes article now.
an entry way leading into a home with stained glass windows and wooden doors on either side
Real home: renovating a Victorian semi for modern family life
Renovating a Victorian semi for modern family life | Real Homes
Renovation of Victorian home
Renovation of Victorian home