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Do you want to bring a Victorian feeling to your room? Find inspiration here!
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Painting and decorating trends
In the world of interior design, you may find the terminology used a little like a foreign language. From design styles and movements to painting and decorating trends, as well as patterns and textures, each term carries its own significance and contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space. #modernvictorianhomesInterior #victorianbedroomwallcolors #calmingbedroomcolors #darkacademiahomeinterior #modernvictorianhomeslivingroomInterior #modernvictorianbathroomInterior
the different types of furniture are shown in this infographtion poster, which shows how to
Understanding these key interior design terms
Understanding these key interior design terms provides a foundation for creating cohesive and visually appealing spaces that reflect personal style and functional needs. Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity of minimalism, the opulence of Art Deco, or the cosy allure of Hygge, incorporating these concepts into your design endeavours can help you articulate your vision and bring your spaces to life.
an info sheet describing different types of fabric
Decoding Patterns and Textures Terminology
Whether you’re a seasoned designer, a homeowner embarking on a renovation journey, or simply someone with a keen interest in the world of interiors, we decode and define the key terminology used in interior design.
a pink and white flyer with an image of a clock on it's side
Victorian Carriage Clocks
Is it time to you invested in a Victorian Carriage Clock? Read our guide to learn more!
four tips for buying victorian taxidermy in the us and canada, including an orange butterfly
A guide to owning taxidermy
Taxidermy was a huge part of Victorian interior design, but for what should you be looking when buying your own?
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Victorian bargains you can find at car boot sales
Boot sales can be a fantastic place to pick up some Victorian styled bargains. What's the best bargain you've picked up at a car boot sale?
an empty room with a red chair in the center and two windows on either side
Victorian and Gothic interior design pictures
photographs of victorian interiors | Brooklyn New York Victorian interior apartment
the top 5 interior design ideas for victorian homes infographical poster from adnanflux com
5 interior design ideas for Victorian Homes
How to keep the style of your Victorian home fresh? Start from these easy tips and already see the difference! Check the link if you want to know where to find Victorian homeware at a good deal.
the bed is made with different types of pillows
How Victorians made their beds
Thankfully, hygiene has moved on yet we can still enjoy all the style of Victorian bedrooms in our own homes. Find more information about decor and styling in our Victorian Homes ebook, free to download now.
five tips for handling lead paint in your home, including the steps to painting furniture
How to deal with lead paint
What do you need to know before removing lead paint in your home? You can’t go wrong with these five tips.
a living room with a fire place and shelves filled with wood logs next to a fireplace
Make The Most Of Your Small Hallway With These Storage Ideas
a bathroom with black and white tiles on the floor, shower head, and toilet
London Mosaic | Victorian Floor Tiles | Sheeted Ceramic Tile Design and Supply
London Mosaic | Tiles | Monochrome shower room | Sandrock House | Contact us for a free quote on 020 8699 0820 or email us at | #mosaic #londonmosaic #tiles #diy #homedecor #victorian #bathroom #wetroom #decor
an advertisement with the words how was the style of victorian corincing born?
How was the style of Victorian cornicing born? Originally, it was used to cover joints, then it became one of the fundamental features of Victorian decor. Read the full story about Victorian cornicing in our free ebook.
an advertisement with the words, what was the key element of typical victorian ceilings?
Victorian ceiling
What was the key element of typical Victorian ceilings? Roses and floral design were highly popular. For more insights about beautiful Victorian design and decor, download our free ebook.
a white bed with a canopy over it
21 Ideas for Victorian Inspired Decorating (on a Budget!)
21 Ideas for Victorian Inspired Decorating (on a Budget!)