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the top five things to know before buying your home
Weird things victorians had in their homes
Victorian homes were filled with all things weird and wonderful. Which would you pick to have in your modern home- if you had too?😜
the cover of how the victorians imagine 1st century living in the home
How the Victorians imagined 21st century living in the home- hair and makeup
Did you know the Victorians predicted machines which do your hair and makeup?💇 Technology such as hair dryers, curlers and straiteners are a common luxury in UK homes. What hair technology do you think we will have in the next 200 years?
four different types of valentine's day cards with the text 4 ways to celebrate valentine's day like the victorians
4 Ways to celebrate Valentine's Day like the Victorians
Did you know some Valentine's Day traditions go back to the Victorian Era? From chocolates to cards our ancestors weren't so different after all ❤️ Which tradition will you follow this year?
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts
Victorian-era toy facts and the toys that could be worth a fortune
Could you be sitting on some hidden treasures in your loft?
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts and how they are used to fly
Home Page
The Victorian era was a hotbed of technical innovation, as you can see with this list of fantastic inventions from the time!
an info sheet describing how to decorate like a victorian on a budget
Victorian decor on a budget
Who said that decorating in a Victorian style should be expensive? Follow these steps to bring Victorian style to your place on a budget and read our blog post to see what items you can find at car boot sales.
a fireplace in a living room with a mirror on the wall above it and a potted plant next to it
Victorian Fireplaces
Fireplaces, coving, ceiling roses, picture rails.... anything that is an original feature is good with us!
a living room with green walls and pictures on the wall, an old trunk is sitting in front of it
Victorian Fireplace
Maximalist interior with a victorian fire surround and aesthetic movement mirror. The emerald green in this room is a great backdrop to all the antique and vintage pieces. The ceiling is in a darker green with plaster ceiling rose and patterned textured wallpaper.
there are many pots and pans hanging on the wall with metal hooks attached to it
Victorian Homeware
Where are the best places on and offline to find Victorian homeware? We’ve rounded up a few of them for you.
an old dresser with a mirror and bowl on it's shelf next to a chair
Victorian Brown Furniture
Victorian brown furniture is back in fashion! Thanks to TV shows such as Downton Abbey and The Crown, vintage pieces from the era have become popular again and their demand has remarkably increased. If you love this style, check our blog for more information.
three pink glass dishes and one is empty
Victorian bargain
From tapestries to glassware, we're revealing the Victorian items you can find for bargain prices at car boot sales.